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Dragon Express is an in-game item shop that players can access through inventory. It sells various rare items for different currencies. Dragon Express also has special tab for players with Premium membership that sells various goods for discounted prices. Blade & Soul Official Launch Guide – Blade and Soul Zone Get ready for the launch of Blade & Soul on January 19. Blade & Soul launches in Europe and North America at 12:01am EST, January 19! The team at Blade & Soul official have put together a launch guide to ensure everyone is prepared for when the game goes live. Blade and Soul China: Inventory and Warehouse System Blade and Soul - Blade and Soul is an Asian martial-arts MMORPG in development by Lineage II development team, and the characters in this oriental style MMORPG are designed by the well-known illustrator HyungTae Kim. It is set in an oriental fantasy world and will use Unreal Engine 3. Blade & Soul Initiate Pack [Online Game Code] - Blade & Soul, developed by NCSOFT's Team Bloodlust, tells the story of players' quest for vengeance and redemption against a backdrop of Asian fantasy, set in a beautifully crafted online world. Blade & Soul:prominently features martial arts inspired combat and Windwalking movement, as depicted in classic Asian martial arts adventure films.

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Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. News for free character slot voucher - MmoGah The Warden has arrived and new items and updated bundles are available on the Hongmoon Store. Grab all these items today to help you in your quest for vengeance in Blade and Soul: Warden’s Fury! Read this on MmoGah for all the details on the Warden’s Fury store updates Blade and Soul: New Items and Updated Bundles Available on Hongmoon Store

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Cute characters are coming to the world of Blade & Soul! Their cooperation will help us to defeat strong enemies that are looming! Blade & Soul - September 9 Update Teaser (Part 2) - Inmates 3. Finalising the the skin change of your weapon Complete the skin change by clicking on SKIN Change and the selected weapon description and icon will be changed.

Buy Blade and Soul account EU from reputable Blade and Soul sellers via ... HM9 LVl 55 Soul Fighter, HM8 Lvl 55 Warlock, 2.3k Gold, Voucher for lvl 50 Server.

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15 Oct 2016 ... Costs and images of items available in the Hongmoon Store in Blade and Soul ( BnS). ... Additional Slot Voucher, 400, 4,000. Character ...

Accounts are automatically provided with 2 character slots for free upon creation. More slots can be purchased with NCoin. Players that purchased founder's ... Blade & Soul on Twitter: "Character slot limits increase with each ... 23 Aug 2018 ... Follow @BladeandSoulOps for all Support and maintenance .... With this increase, we will be providing a free character slot voucher for a ... Blade & Soul on Twitter: "If you are looking for your free character ... 2 Mar 2016 ... Follow @BladeandSoulOps for all Support and maintenance messaging. .... @ CrazyVinyl Hi, you can use the slot from the Character Lobby. Blade and Soul promises an additional free character slot for all ... 26 Aug 2018 ... Blade and Soul promises an additional free character slot for all. By ... we will be providing a free character slot voucher for a limited time in the ...