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The poker stats which really matter at 2NL (case study)

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This is a discussion on Sample sizes to analyse performance within the online poker forums, in the Cash Games section; Hi I would like to know if anybody knows what a good sample size would be in ...

The poker stats which really matter at 2NL (case study) In the image we see the total number of hands, net winnings, win rate (bb/100), “voluntarily put in pot” percentage, pre-flop raise percentage and lastly the hero’s 3 bet percentage. bb/100. The first high-level stat I look at when I get my hands on a sample size is the win rates of the hero at different stakes.

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If you think about it logically, losers are much more likely to quit poker and thus make up a much larger percentage of players represented in an active sample size.Basically, if a person is winning he or she is much more likely to play a larger sample size over a lifetime. Been gathering data on realistic live win rates — Red Chip ... Been gathering data on realistic live win rates. ... There is a drastic difference in opinions on what realistic win rates look like in live poker. Why could this be? While i'm no pro (very far from it) I speculate it has to do with many factors including, but not limited too: ... what number of hours constitutes a big enough sample size to ... Poker Win Rate Calculator - Recevez vos 1600 de bonus de ...

Sherman, I appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed response. I recall, and I think this was from Mathematics of Poker, that for NLHE, you would need about 120,000 hands played in order to have about 95% confidence that your win-rate was your expected win-rate.

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Note as your style or game gets wilder, you will be even less confident for the same sample size since your standard deviation (i.e. poker variance) is higher. If you play in a more conservative game (e.g. live full-ring), then either your confidence would be higher or you could get by with a smaller sample size for the same level of confidence. Poker Winrates | What Is A Good Win Rate? - The Poker Bank Find out what the terms like bb/100, BB/100 and ptbb/100 mean, what a good winrate is in poker and how to work out your hourly wage based on your win rate. Everything you wanted to know about win rates in poker. Introduction to Win Rates - MicroGrinder Poker School This brings us onto the point that you need a large sample size of hands to accurately judge a player’s win rate. How large of a sample do you need? Well there is no one definitive answer to this but the general poker playing world can agree that around 100k hands is a good starting to estimating a person’s effective win rate.